Letter to Yarn Harlot’s blog

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Jul 252007

Bei Yarn Harlot gibt es beim gestrigen Eintrag eine schöne Diskussion über Nadeln, das metrische System und sowas. Da mein Beitrag ziemlich lang ist, sichere ich ihn hier. Hier findet ihr den Originalbeitrag von Yarn Harlot und die dazugehörigen Kommentare (Warnung, viele!).

The following is a commentary I posted to Yarn Harlot’s blog on the discussion of needles, and metric/nonmetric sizes. Since it is quite a long commentary I place it here, too. Here you’ll find Yarn Harlots Entry with all the commentary (Warning, lots!).

Hey, all,

I find this discussion really interesting. It seems my hands are quite complacent – they like all or almost all needles. I’m one of the death grip knitters and the only needle that broke while working with it so far has been a pony pearl 2.5 mm (I’m not good at the American system, I’m German. I can usually „understand“ the US system, have to use a table for UK, and of course, metric is home ground for me). The PP broke at the place where the metal center starts when doing a k3 tog. So no more PPs for me, at least not in such small size.

What I don’t like in nickel plated needles is the reflections you get from them when working in artificial (especially halogen) light, which can be tiring on my eyes. So for knitting anything using a stitch pattern (thats usually when I use my eyes most – when doing plain knit socks I don’t need to look that much) I prefer the grey Inox or Bamboo or wood.

Still I have preferences – I love to use Holz&Stein Rosewood, and for Bamboo I prefer Clover – nice hard tips, not that bendy as most other brands. But usually I use what is free anyway.

As for metric/US: In Germany at least you couldn’t get 2,25 or 2.75 mm till the advent of the Internet. In normal shops they usually still don’t have them, I have to order them via Internet. So the Internet really brought diversity and choice for us. And yes, I do think 0.25 mm makes a difference in the smaller sizes. At least it does for me. And when you go below 2 mm, we always had 0.25 steps, but still those small sizes were and are hard to get. I’m very happy the Internet made things more available for us.

Now the only thing I’m stumped about is that Knit Picks doesn’t do international orders. I’d really love to try these sets, especially the circulars. Mind you, for socks I’m all dpns, but mostly everything else is on circulars.

And while we are still at the circular/straight discussion: I’m not a straight long needle fan, but lately I converted to knitting scarves on Clover straights in 23 cm length. Own the whole set already. Love ‚em. Short enough to not trouble my hands and not poke a person sitting next to me, and no coiling problem. But yes, after having knitted on a circular for some time I need to change gear so as to not drop a needle when changing needles. Never happens with dpns though, funny enough, isn’t it.

After reading my gabber I must say I’m really a weird knitter it seems…

Chris 8-)

Das passt sowas von…

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Jul 252007

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‚What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

-C.S. Lewis.

Dieses Zitat habe ich bei Yarn Harlot gefunden, und es passt genau auf meinen Mann und mich. Bei uns stand am Anfang der Beziehung das „Du auch?“ Nicht nur einmal, sondern ganz, ganz oft. Nicht dass ich nach 18 Jahren nicht manchmal meinen Mann angucke und mich frage, wen ich da geheiratet habe – das hält die Sache spannend. Aber in den Grundsachen sind wir uns einig. Ich denke, diese echte Freundschaft, die mich mit meinem Mann verbindet, ist mehr Kitt als alles andere und hält uns und unsere Ehe zusammen.

Lieber Mann, ich liebe dich noch mehr als vor über 20 Jahren, als wir unsere „du auch“-Phase hatten. %herzchen


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Jul 252007
  • Ein Woll-Laden namens Wollbox. Gefunden bei Trude
  • Wendys neues Muster Eyelet-Rib-Socks (PDF)
  • Knitpicks hat bei den Büchern tolle Angebote (fast alles 40% off). Leider braucht man jemanden, der für einen die Sachen in den USA oder Canada in Empfang nimmt und weiterschickt.