Apr 062016

Seems like I’m not done yet with Fasset. Even if it isn’t the main tangle in this tile, I enjoyed including it immensely. This was one of my more unplanned tiles, and I enjoyed how it started with all these small pyramid triangles (there’s a pattern floating on pinterest named pyramids that’s no longer available, and looks like what I did, but I consider these a very simple variation of Tripoli). Then I added the Gourdgeous pattern (first time), then Goldilocks (first time), then Fasset, and while tangling a few Zingers and Fescu also made their way in there. Then I added Efilys, which also was a first time use, and I ended with the black Tripoli, so I came back to the start. So here’s the Foto:


Another tile was finished today, and I really love it. It is a follow-up to my first Diva-Tile of the week. I used several borders for filling the string Fassett, and they ended up very tiny, compressed and partly reduced. Now I wanted to do them more justice and give them a central place in a tile.

Fescu and Zinger seem to weasel their way into most of my tiles lately, as do the danglers. I love to use these little bits to liven up things, to make them more playful. I used African Artist as a border, together with Antique and Ballace borders. Then I filled up with Rick’s Paradox, a Tangle I really enjoy. It is sooo versatile, easy to draw and to shade, and looks so intricate that even my husband commented on it (it seems it is the tangle that most males admire – also some boys at school chose this for their first tangle).


African artist was not easy for me, and I had to practice it quite some. It is ok now, but I need some more practice to get really fluent with this. Usually I love wavy or curly patterns (as you can see from the first tile), but this one didn’t come to me as effortless as most curly patterns do. I still enjoyed doing it (wavy as it is).

I really enjoy shading now, which at first I was hesitant to try. I had to add some color here, as I bought two colored Pitt artist pens together with the black one (all of them have the brush tip). The latter one is great help filling in larger areas of black.

  4 Responses to “Fassett continued”

  1. That first tile makes me think Mexico and fiestas, don’t ask me why but it is just full, so full, of life. The second one is more disciplined and you have used a real mix of patterns. Very nice.

  2. Your first tile looks like a fairy tale. Damals…

  3. Both are lovely!

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