Apr 112016

Challenges are fun! This week’s Diva-Challenge was to use a spherical grid. When I finished drawing the grid with pencil I knew there had to be Inapod in the center. Then I added Cadent and Wiking, and then decided with all the funny things going on in such a grid it is easier to do simple grid patterns, and so went for Emingle and Bales, both original Tangles by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. I’m so looking forward to everything everyone else is doing with this.

Diva Challenge 263

I’m not sure I’m done with this challenge yet. We’ll see.

  11 Responses to “Diva Challenge 263”

  1. Really great interpretation.

  2. I really like what you did with this challenge. The Inapod makes it look like an eye (to me, anyway :D ) . Very nice work!

  3. That turned out great!

  4. Nice idea to use Inapod this way!

  5. Inapod, of course it needs Inapod it is just like a giant smile. Great response to the challenge

  6. World peas – in – a -pod! Nice!!

  7. I love this – it’s like a great big smile! Axxx (Just seen I’m not the first to think so either…)

  8. You seemed to manage the odd bits at the edges better than I did. Very nicely done.

  9. I lobe the big inapod 😊 and your right simple patterns do seem to work easier, I only wish id relised that too.😊

  10. Inapod is great in this globe!!

  11. They say the world is your oyster, so the pearly Inapod in the center is certainly apt! I love this! Your other tangles give this a sort of mid-century modern look, which is so fun!

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