Apr 112016

Joey gave us a string shaped like the Roman Numeral 8 (VIII), and four different tangles to use. I used 5 more to fill the spaces leftover. I used (from left to right, and from top to bottom): Crescent Moon, Nzeppel, Dangle, Zinger, Fescu (these last three invade most of my tiles, and I love them dearly), Tulipe, Fandango, Tropicana, Marnie. This was really fun, and without some color the Marnie would have looked really funny – I rotated the pattern for each new square. But adding color to the two triangles in each box that are alike (shading would have been another, more classical option) this came to look like a pattern.


This was more fun than I thought it might be, and I don’t regret bringing in color.

  3 Responses to “Joey’s Challenge 108”

  1. Great tile, a little zinger and dangles always adds a little extra magic doesn’t it!

  2. I love the pops of colour and your dangles are too fun! Thanks for sharing your challenge with us!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Lovely! Love the colour.

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