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This time I have several of Diva’s Challenges to share. I did them the same week they were issued, but I didn’t have time to share them in time. So here they are:

Diva Challenge 273 – Remix an old Tile


For challenge no. 273 the Diva asked us to remix one of our old tangles we are not quite content with. I thought for a long time which one to use, especially since I started tangling (or back then it was more doodling) only in February. So not so many tiles to revamp yet. I needed to do a new version, because the old one was in my journal, and I didn’t even use a mircron pen back then. Also it is very small, and very full, so adding to it wasn’t anoption.

The new tile used some of the patterns of the original tile, but not all. I even left a section untangled. For some of the patterns I found more suitable tangles, like Leaflet. The cobblestone pattern from the streets in our part of Munich is more like the original, which is not such an extreme arch as in the old tile (although this pattern is also found in cobbling, and even in Roman buildings – well kind of). I don’t consider the cobblestone pattern a real tangle, because I needed lots of pencil lines to make it look good. I erased those lines later. Still drawing all the cobble stones was quite calming.

The new tile also uses shading and color. The pen used is finer, the tile bigger than the original. I didn’t use Paradox in the new version, because I felt it outcrowded the flower border adjacent to it. I left out a few of the borders to make more Room for the tangle Leaflet. The only other pattern I recognize is Ragz. While both tiles use tangle patterns, I wouldn’t call them Zentangles. Too much is just doodling, and I don’t consider the main pattern a tangle.

Diva 264

The Diva asked us to use our Home Country’s colors, or tangle something with our country in mind. It was very appropriate, because that week the European Soccer (Football) Championship was still in full swing. You see lots of flags and such during those international tournaments in Germany. I’m using the German flag of course, but used a black background, because Germany didn’t make it to the final. But to still be a bit festive I used glitter gel pen for red and gold. I loved how fast this tile was finished.

I used Sonnenband (first use), Beadlines, and Meer for this simple and straightforward tile.


Diva 275 – Give Peace a chance

This tile has a very emotioanl background, the shootings of lots of innocent people of different races in the US. These shootings really shook the US, and most of the people are just yearning for peace. So it was very appropriate to make Peace the topic for this Week’s challenge. I had to think about this for a bit, and it also took some more time than usual to execute. This is the string (sorry for the bad photo, but I tangled when it was already dark. I didn’t want to wait till next morning to start drawing).


And this is the tile:


This is the first time for me to use a word to choose the tangles. My tangle is not the Word Peace, but Jesus. Jesus Christ is called the Prince of Peace in the Bible. While his mission was to bring Peace between God and man, a person who knows the peace of God in her life will bring also peace to her sourroundings. So where Christ and His word is really followed, there will be peace among people as well. Many suppressed people found peace in faith to Jesus, from the Afro-Americans to the Dalits in India. That’s because before God all races are equal, as well as there is neither slave or master, nor man or woman, before God.

So I used the tangles (J)oin, which I find really appropriate to the topic as well, as it is made up from hearts with two very different halves. For me this tangle shows that love will help to bring together diverse people. The second tangle is (E)ddyper, which is a very lively tangle with lots of energy. I used it as a contrast to the more gridbased other patterns. If we all would use our energy for peace, what good could be done! The third tangle is (S)evaw, looking like the water of life with all those flows and bubbles. The fourth tangle is (U)nbatz, and I thought it would signify the dead we are all mourning. It looks a bit like crosses on a cemetry. That’s why I added no color in this part. The last tangle I used is (S)prigs, and I found it a good way to fill the cross. It is very organic, and signifies resurrection, and new life. Because it is also somewhat grid based it was ideal to fill the cross. Exept for Eddyper, all tangles were new to me.

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful symbolism in your „Peace“ tile! All of your tiles were beautiful, but I feel especially drawn to your peace tile and the very moving symbolism you made with your references to the „Prince of Peace“ Nicely done!

  2. All beautiful!

  3. Wonderful composition!

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