Jul 182016

Today I did Joeys challenge. Again the string is a circle, this time with a cross. And she gave us a pattern, B-twixt by Pegi Schargel. This one is new to me, so I started out practicing it first. This is the second try, done in my journal using a 0.5 pen. The designer told us to start big, so I did. This is much easier – especially on the eyes – than using a 0.1 pen.


This is without shading, and you see that I tried several variations; two fillings are done with a 0.1 pen. This was really fun, and I’m going to show you the shading in another post, whenever this page will be finished.

Then I used my Pilot Frixion pen for this tile – done on simple printer paper. I love those pens, because they glide over the paper very smoothly. They don’t have fully opaque ink I love to write with them, and I love to draw with them. As you see, I did different variations than in my exercise. One was in the artwork accompanying the stepout, the one with the dark background. The other is in the exercise in baby stage, now I made bigger spirals to fill the space.

All in all this is a beautiful and versatile pattern. It is also a woven pattern, a category that I really love. So it wasn’t difficult to find two more patterns to combine. The first is Huggins, which is from Zentangle HQ, and the other is Y-Ful Power by Shoshi. The former is an old cherished pattern, the latter is one I have wanted to try for quite some time, but never dared. But it was easier than I thought it would be. I used shading by lines, because I don’t like the look if you use pencil and this blue color of pen together.