Sep 282016

The Diva had us draw only straight lines. Ok, this is not something I’m good at. I love curved patterns, and my curves look so much better than my straight lines. So it was a real challenge to just use patterns with straight lines. I started with a string which was also straight lines. Well, as straight as I can get them… I also „knew“ or thought I knew which pattern would go where, that’s the words in there. I’m forgetful sometimes, and I didn’t want to forget them, so I just put the names in with pencil.

Diva 286 String

For the first three tangles I followed my plans as laid out. I first used Ovy (straightened), which I found via the top spread of patterns on, and thought it would be fun to straighten this. Then came Hibred (which I tried for the first time in one of my notebooks yesterday), but when I was finished with Flukes in the center bottom it wanted to grow further behind the other two. So I ditched my well laid plans for the other spaces, and just went for it. The rest of the space wanted some playfulness, and I used Aaah! It needed a bit of an adaption to make it conform to straightness. It was my first use of Ovy, but I practiced in my sketchbook first. Which was good, because I first wanted to use black squares, and then tried black triangles, which I liked much more. This was so much fun, and very relaxing, so thank you, Diva, for this challenge!

Diva 286

  12 Responses to “Diva 286 Straight to it”

  1. Nice choice of tangles Chris! Yours was much better planned than mine, I sort of just started drawing! 😜

    • Thanks a lot! Planning or no planning, I loved your tile! Tangling shouldn’t be too much planning. But for me this was just the right mix of planning and just going with the flow. Very relaxing

  2. Nice tile, I love the string that you started with too.

  3. I’m glad your tangling took over your planning :-) With a beautiful result and ….. that’s zentangle.

    • Thank you very much. Yes, I love it, when things go their own way. I really enjoyed this, even if it was a real challenge, and maybe just because it was.

  4. Such a fun piece. Nice that you played and let yourself ignore your well planned composition.

    • Thanks for your kind words. And yes, lots of fun, sometimes things go their own way, and usually it is better than what was planned beforehand. Especially in tangling :)

  5. I really like your tile and the adaptations of the tangles you chose,

  6. Thanks you for your kind comment. Maybe I should do this more often – straighten curved tangles, or curving straight tangles.

  7. Great result there, taking the fluke behind really ties the tile together and I love the tangles you used on the crossing ribbons. It’s also shaded well so the ribbons float over everything else. Bravo!

  8. Schöne Kachel mit feinem Kontrast! Planen ist eine Sache … ausfĂŒhren eine andere! Prima zu sehen, dass du deinen ganz eigenen intuitiven Process gefolgt bist! Das ist Zentangle!

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