Okt 192016

This week Joey had a nice string for us, plus three tangles. One of them was Drogon, which I tried in my notebook a few weeks ago. I always thought it would make a good border for a tile. In the following photo you see the border before I blackened the orbs. You can see the string inside the border.


I needed to practice the corner in my notebook to get it right before starting the tile. The square was a line to help me to get the border in the right place. Drawing all those orbs and lines was very relaxing.

After finishing the border I started with Phicops, which I put in the first circle. Dicso came next to it, but it would grow over the string. Dicso is a very clever use of dot, i, c, s, o, the basic strokes of Zentangle. Third was Mssst, which I haven’t used very often, but like it, because it is a good background tangle, or when I need something simple and/or fast. So I just filled the rest of the space with Mssst. (Never know how many sses to type in the name :) Here is the tile before shading (sorry for not having the same orientation on the photo):


And after shading:


As you see I used the string, but it is no longer very visible.

This was so much fun! Thanks Joey for a wonderful challenge.

  10 Responses to “Joey 135”

  1. It’s a beautiful result, I love this tile

  2. Beautiful shading!

  3. A beautiful result for sure!

  4. Great tile! It always amazes me that shading can make soooooo much difference in a tangle. It has made some of my own „not-so-good“ tiles turn out quite well. Again, great tile here!!

    • Thanks for your kind words. Yes, before shading I thought it was just soso, but now I’m quite content :)

  5. A very lovely tile.

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