Apr 102018

This week is String Theory at The Diva. We were to trace our fingers for a string. Interesting challenge – especially finding a „new“ way to trace them. This was really fun and relaxing. The fingertips made great places for orbs/floral elements. Enjoying spring at last! Tangles are Buddy, Fleurette, Florz, Tipple, Ahh!, and Fescu.


Apr 042018

English text under the photo

In letzter Zeit habe ich wieder viel gezeichnet. Und die Diva hat diesmal aufgerufen, uns mit dem Muster Pickpocket von Thomás Padròs zu beschäftigen. Bei mir mussten Fescu, Quabog and Zinger (alle vom HQ), and Winflo und Rimana by Nadine Roller noch für ein bisschen Auflockerung sorgen. Hat Spaß gemacht.


During the last few weeks I drew a lot. This week die Diva asked us to use the pattern Pickpocket by Thomás Padròs. I had to add Fescu, Quabog and Zinger (all by HQ), and Wiflo and Rimana by Nadine Roller to spruce things up a bit. This was fun.