Nov 162017

The Diva asked us to go big, and I used an apprentice tile (11.5 x 11.5 cm) I cut myself. It was made from Paint-on paper by Clairefontaine, and it has a bit rougher texture than the Bristol paper I usually use, but not too bad. I used micron pen, pencil, and Polychromos colored pencils for this tile.

Tangles used are Dewd, the new tangle from the Headquarter, plus Mooka (also HQ) and Peek-a-boo Daisy (by Tricia Long).


It was really fun to go bigger, and at first I felt a bit lost in such a big tile, so I just started in the usual way with dots, and border, and instantly felt at home again :)

If you want to share your art with me and others, please come to my facebook group Tangling Practice. This group is fairly open to any art form containing either tangling or doodling, also in form of canvasses and mixed media, not only drawings of tiles etc.

Okt 242017

facebook group is online, and it is called Tangling practice. I’d love you to participate :). You’ll find my very own prompt list for Inktober2017 there.

The Diva’s Challenge for this week is to draw in white on black. This is what I got:


Tangles are Danzer and Verdigogh, and I did some Glamourtangling.

Buchbesprechung: Entscheidungsfindung für Zauderer

 Stricken  Kommentare deaktiviert für Buchbesprechung: Entscheidungsfindung für Zauderer
Jun 022017

Leg einfach los! von Kevin de Young

Entscheidungen, nichts fällt uns schwerer als Entscheidungen!

Insbesondere heute, wo sich unsere Optionen verhundert- und vertausendfacht haben. Und als Christen fällt es uns noch schwerer, Entscheidungen zu treffen, denn wir wollen ja Gottes Willen tun. Hier ist ein sehr befreiender, locker geschriebener Ansatz, der uns zu mehr Mut in Entscheidungen führen will, und uns den Druck nimmt, insbesondere, wenn es um die „großen“ Dinge geht, wie Berufswahl, Ehe und ähnliches. Aber auch in Alltagsdingen gibt dieses Buch uns die christliche Freiheit zurück, zu der wir erlöst sind. Der Autor steigt bei dem Thema sicherlich auf die eine oder andere Zehe, aber gerade da, wo wir vielleicht am ärgerlichsten werden, wo unsere Zehen wehtun, betrifft es uns auch. Ich empfehle dieses Buch allen Leuten, die Entscheidungen treffen – und das sind wir eigentlich alle – ob Christ oder Nichtchrist, ob jung oder alt.


 Küche, Rezepte  Kommentare deaktiviert für Süßkartoffelsuppe
Nov 282016

3 kl. Süßkartoffeln
2 mittelgr. Möhren
2 kleine Petersilienwurzeln
1 Metzgerzwiebel (oder 2-3 normale Zwiebeln)
1 Tetrapack Kokosmilch (200 ml)
2 cm Ingwerwurzel
2-4 Zehen Knoblauch
1,5 – 2 TL Gefro Indisch Curry Gewürzmischung
1 EL Gemüsebrühe (Glas)
schw. Pfeffer aus der Mühle
Petersilie oder andere Kräuter zur Garnitur
Saft von 1 Limette
4-5 EL Öl
1 l Wasser

Süßkartoffeln abbürsten, quer in Scheiben schneiden. Möhre und Petersilienwurzel schälen, quer in Scheiben schneiden. Zwiebel schälen und grob würfeln, Ingwerwurzel und Knoblauch schälen. Zwiebel im Öl glasig anschwitzen, Möhre, Petersilienwurzeln, Ingwer und Knoblauch zugeben, ca. 5 min anbraten, dabei ab und zu umrühren. Wasser und Gemüsebrühe zugeben, mit Curry und Pfeffer würzen. Die Süßkartoffeln zugeben. Aufkochen, und bei niedriger Temperatur ca. 25 min. köcheln lassen (alle Zutaten sollen gut weich sein). Mit einem Mixstab pürieren, die Kokosmilch und den Limettensaft unterrühren, evtl. noch abschmecken. In Teller füllen, mit der Petersilie garnieren.

Okt 192016

This week Joey had a nice string for us, plus three tangles. One of them was Drogon, which I tried in my notebook a few weeks ago. I always thought it would make a good border for a tile. In the following photo you see the border before I blackened the orbs. You can see the string inside the border.


I needed to practice the corner in my notebook to get it right before starting the tile. The square was a line to help me to get the border in the right place. Drawing all those orbs and lines was very relaxing.

After finishing the border I started with Phicops, which I put in the first circle. Dicso came next to it, but it would grow over the string. Dicso is a very clever use of dot, i, c, s, o, the basic strokes of Zentangle. Third was Mssst, which I haven’t used very often, but like it, because it is a good background tangle, or when I need something simple and/or fast. So I just filled the rest of the space with Mssst. (Never know how many sses to type in the name :) Here is the tile before shading (sorry for not having the same orientation on the photo):


And after shading:


As you see I used the string, but it is no longer very visible.

This was so much fun! Thanks Joey for a wonderful challenge.

Sep 282016

The Diva had us draw only straight lines. Ok, this is not something I’m good at. I love curved patterns, and my curves look so much better than my straight lines. So it was a real challenge to just use patterns with straight lines. I started with a string which was also straight lines. Well, as straight as I can get them… I also „knew“ or thought I knew which pattern would go where, that’s the words in there. I’m forgetful sometimes, and I didn’t want to forget them, so I just put the names in with pencil.

Diva 286 String

For the first three tangles I followed my plans as laid out. I first used Ovy (straightened), which I found via the top spread of patterns on tanglepatterns.com, and thought it would be fun to straighten this. Then came Hibred (which I tried for the first time in one of my notebooks yesterday), but when I was finished with Flukes in the center bottom it wanted to grow further behind the other two. So I ditched my well laid plans for the other spaces, and just went for it. The rest of the space wanted some playfulness, and I used Aaah! It needed a bit of an adaption to make it conform to straightness. It was my first use of Ovy, but I practiced in my sketchbook first. Which was good, because I first wanted to use black squares, and then tried black triangles, which I liked much more. This was so much fun, and very relaxing, so thank you, Diva, for this challenge!

Diva 286

Aug 292016

So this is last week’s Joey’s 127. I tangled it last week, just didn’t upload the photo. Joey gave us a tangle, and tangled it on a tile for us, and we were to copy that and then finish the tile whatever way we wanted. Sooo much fun! The tangles are Sparkle (the one Joey gave us), Ing, Goldilocks, Taxi, and Sandur (my own tangle, have yet to do the stepouts).

Joey 127

And this week we have the Diva asking us to make splotches on our paper, and then tangle over them. I used herbal tea to make mine, but the color was so faint, I added some inktense ink with a brush to the blotches of watery tea. I used a mug for the circle, and dabbed on some more tea with my finger. Then I sprinkled some color with the brush, and let everything dry. This is the „string“:

Diva 282

I used Akoya, Betweed and Onomato, tipple, some bands, and a few fishies for this. I used my Inktense pencils and a brush to add more color. So much fun! Here comes Diva 282:

Diva 282 tangled

Aug 232016

This is my take on The Diva’s challenge no. 281. She asked us to use Ing in a tangle. Yesterday I had an idea. It was not the usual relaxed tangling, but I wanted to make a loop with Ing, and that needed some planning. I did two tiles that didn’t look like I wanted to, and then I tangled the end version into a notebook. The notebook has good paper, especially for shading with graphite. I wanted to do another study and then do a final version on a tile. But this one worked very well, so this is the finished version. I added a band of Meer, and doing all the lines of it was the most relaxing part. The shading of Ing was also relaxing, I just went triangle by triangle, and really took my time.


Here is the linework to show the difference some graphite makes:

Diva 281

The dot on the top of the page helped me to keep the direction of light consistent. I drew lots of help lines and some dots to draw this, but I erased most of them. I needed them to get Ing curl the way I wanted and to get the over/under structure to work correctly. The construction part was more work than fun, but all the rest was lots of fun!


 Rezepte  Kommentare deaktiviert für Süßkartoffel-Süppchen
Aug 012016

1 Zwiebel(n)
1 Knoblauchzehe(n)
2-3 El Olivenöl
2-3 Süßkartoffel(n)
etwa 1 Liter Gemüsebrühe
75 g Erdnüsse gesalzen aus der Dose
1 Dose Kokosmilch (besser) oder Vegane Sahne
2 EL Limettensaft – Zitrone tuts auch
Kräutersalz und Pfeffer, evtl. etwas Chili

Knoblauch und Zwiebel im Öl anschwitzen, Süßkartoffel-Würfel zugeben und mit der Gemüsebrühe aufgießen. Ca. 20 min kochen lassen, pürieren, die Erdnüsse und die Kokosmilch/Sahne zugeben. Mit Zitronensaft, Kräutersalz und Pfeffer abschmecken.

Ich habe noch Tabasco und gerebeltes Korianderkraut dazugegeben, als ich vegane Sahne benutzt habe (hatte keine Kokosmilch).

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