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Jul 062016

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Alphabet Challenge plus more

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Jun 282016

I love challenges, and this week I’m doing Diane & Carolien’s Alphabet Challenge for the first time. I’m doing the one for next week, they are announcing them early. They challenge us to use tangles with the letters R-V-I.

Looking through several sources, I found the pattern Roundabout. Then I was looking for something to do with the ribbons of this tangle, so that the ends wouldn’t end too unmotivated. Vanity was ideal for that. Then I needed something with I, and I chose Indirella, because I haven’t yet used it in a tile.


The second work I’d like to share was drawn during watching (or more listening) to the Soccer (british = football) European Championship on Sunday. I had copied a few patterns to my notebook, and decided it was time to give Golven a central place on a page of my new notebook. Unfortunately the paper is not the best for the micron pens, it is sucking up the color, and producing blotches if you are not fast enough. But this was a real fun project, I hadn’t anything planned except that Golven had to be the central tangle. Then I decided on Printemps, an old favourite of mine, but after a while thought that there needed to be a secondary focus. I remembered I had wanted to try squid for quite some time, so I put one above, the other below Golven. The last decision was for Pyramids, which is great to fill some space with something light, and still dimensional. I really took my time, and enjoyed every bit.


Jun 202016

(Deutscher Text unter den Bildern)

Sorry I haven’t participated much lately, lots going on in my life right now. Most of the time I did one or two challenges, but never had the time and/or power to publish these here.

I made 2 tiles combining Diva’s and Joey’s challenges for the respective weeks. This wasn’t planned, it was just how the tiles developed.

This is week 24 (so last week), Diva’s Challenge 271, and Joey’s Challenge 117. Diva asked us to draw „Beads of Courage“. I hadn’t decided on how to proceed with this when I looked at Joey’s challenge. She gave us a circular string, and the pattern Socc. When I looked at the pattern, I saw that the artist had more patterns, and looked through them. I saw the pattern Mushnik, which for me looked like beads. So I thought I could use this for the Diva, and then I thought why not combine everything in one tile. Here’s what I came up with.

Diva 271 & Joey 117

Leider habe ich in letzter Zeit nichts veröffentlicht, mein Leben hat einfach nicht mehr zugelassen in letzter Zeit. Ich habe einen bis zwei Challenges in der Woche gezeichnet, aber fürs Veröffentlichen hatte ich entweder nicht die Zeit oder die Kraft.

Ich habe diesmal zwei Kacheln zu zeigen, bei denen ich die Diva- und Joey-Challenges der jeweiligen Woche kombiniert habe. Das habe ich nicht geplant, es hat sich einfach ergeben.

Dies hier ist Woche 24 (also letzte Woche), Diva Challenge 271 und Joey’s Challenge 117. Divas Augabe bestand darin, „Beads of Courage“ (Mutperlen) zu zeichnen. Ich wusste noch nicht, was ich für diese Challenge machen sollte, als ich mir Joey’s Challenge angeschaut habe. Sie hatte für uns einen kreisförmigen Faden (ihre neue Serie), und das Muster Socc. Als ich dieses Muster nachgesehen habe, fiel mir auf, dass die Künstlerin noch mehr Muster auf ihrer Seite veröffentlicht hat. Ich sah das Muster Mushnik, das meiner Meinung nach wie Perlen aussieht. Ich dachte, das könnte man für die Diva-Challenge brauchen. Und dann dachte ich mir, warum kombiniere ich nicht alles? Daraus wurde obige Kachel.

And this is week 25 (this week), Diva Challenge 272, and Joey’s Challenge 118. These were easy to combine, as the Diva asked us just to use red and have fun (happy to oblige ;), and Joey gave us a string, the pattern Maryhill and the challenge to not use the pattern in the center circle of the string. Because Maryhill can be used on any grid, not just in a circle, this was easy to do, too. Threw in Diamond Drops (happened to see it on the top bar of tanglepatterns.com, and had not tried it before), and E’rutats (new on the same page), both lovely borders. So here it is:

Diva 272 & Joey 118

Das hier ist Woche 25 (diese Woche), Diva Challenge 272, und Joey’s Challenge 118. Es war leicht, diese beiden zu kombinieren, denn die Diva wollte nur, dass wir rot verwenden und Spaß haben (gerne doch! ;), und Joey hatte für uns einen Faden, das Muster Maryhill und die Herausforderung, das Muster nicht im Mittelkreis zu verwenden. Weil man Maryhill auf verschiedenen Rastern verwenden kann, und nicht nur im Kreis, waren auch diese Bedingungen leicht zu erfüllen. Ich habe noch Diamond Drops verwendet (das ich „zufällig“ auf tanglepatterns.com gesehen hatte, und das ich bisher noch nicht gezeichnet hatte), und E’rutats (neu von der gleichen Seite), beides wunderschöne Bordürenmuster. Und die Kachel oben ist dabei herausgekommen.

Mai 062016

(For English text please scroll down)

Der Muster-Mixer hat mich schon länger interessiert, aber bisher habe ich mich noch nicht getraut. Auch diesmal ist es eine echte Herausforderung, es sollen nämlich Auraknot und Paradox kombiniert werden. Paradox ist eines der ersten Tangles, die ich überhaupt gezeichnet habe, und ich liebe es sehr. Auraknot habe ich bisher umschifft, also habe ich erstmal ein wenig geübt. Das hat sich gelohnt, denn ich habe gleich auch die Stellen gefunden, wo meine Idee etwas gehakt hat und konnte mir passende Lösungen ausdenken. Hier nun das Ergebnis meiner Tüfteleien:

Muster-Mixer 18

I was interested in the Muster-Mixer for quite some time, but until now I never dared to participate. This month it is a real challenge again, because we are to combine Auraknot and Paradox. Paradox was one of the first tangles I learned to do, and I dearly love it. I evaded Auraknot till now, so at first I practiced it a bit. That was really needed, because I also found some problems with my idea and could think up solutions. This tile is the result of all my fiddling.

Mai 062016

Thanks for everybody commenting here – I read each and every comment, of course. Your feedback is very encouraging.

Danke an jeden, der hier kommentiert – I lese natürlich jeden einzelnen Beitrag. Euer Feedback hilft mir sehr.

(Deutscher Text jeweils unter den Bildern)

Diva and Joey again had interesting challenges this week. I started doing Joey’s challenge No. 111, which was Roman Numeral XI (11). I used black paper with a rather small weight, and the gel pen made it curl a bit. Joey also challenged us with four tangles that were new to me – Zippa, Susa, Shons and Vache1. For this tile I used only Shons and Vache 1. The other tangles I used are Ragz, BTLJoos, Zinger, Fescu, Linked und Beadlines. I used a white gel pen for this, plus a bit of „shading“ with a white chalk pencil. Maybe I’ll do another tile later using all the tangles. Well, maybe.

Joeys 111

Es gab diese Woche bei der Diva und bei Joey wieder sehr interessante Herausforderungen. Ich habe mit diesmal mit Joey’s Challenge 111 begonnen, wo es um die Römische Ziffer (das ist keine Nummer, wie manche vom Englischen her übersetzt haben) XI (11). Ich habe recht dünnes schwarzes Papier genommen, und der Gelstift hat es etwas gekrümmt. Joey hat uns auch noch mit vier verschiedenen Mustern herausgefordert, die durch die Bank für mich neu waren – Zippa, Susa, Shons und Vache1. Ich habe für diese Kachel nur Shons und Vache1 benutzt. Die anderen Muster, die ich verwendet habe, sind Ragz, BTLJoos, Zinger, Fescu, Linked und Beadlines. Ich habe hier einen weißen Gelstift verwedet, dazu ein paar „Schattierungen“ mit weißem Kreidestift. Vielleicht werde ich später noch eine andere Kachel machen, in der alle Muster vorkommen. Vielleicht.

Next I started my Diva challenge 266 tile. The Diva challenged us to Use My Tangle (UMT) named Crux. I enjoyed myself drawing Crux (new-to-me tangle), and then I tried to let some pokeleafs grow out of the tangle. Last I added JujuBeadze, which was new to me also, and which I like very much. I’m sure I’ll use the last one again at some time. This one was done on white paper with a micron and a brush pen, graphite shading, and no starting string.

Diva Challenge 265

Als nächstes war die Diva-Challenge 266 dran. Die Diva hat uns ein UMT (Use-My-Tangle = benutze mein Muster) gegeben, nämlich Crux. Das Zeichnen hat Spaß gemacht, und es war ein für mich neues Muster. Dann ließ ich einige Pokeleafs aus dem Muster herauswachsen. Zum Schluss habe ich noch JuJuBeadze hinzugefügt, ebenfalls für mich neu. Mir gefällt dieses letzte Muster so sehr, dass ich es sicherlich nochmal woanders benutzen werde. Hier habe ich auf weißem Papier mit Mikron- und Pinselstift gezichnet, schattiert mit Bleistift, ohne Startlinien.

On the same day I did yet another tile, of which I even photographed the string // Noch am gleichen Tag habe ich eine dritte Kachel gezeichnet, von der ich sogar die Startlinien fotografiert habe.


And this is what I did with the string – very basic tile done with just micron pen and graphite shading. I might change this classical approach and erase the shading and use colored pencils instead. The tangles I used are Eddiper and Beadlines.


Und das ist aus den Startlinien geworden – eine sehr einfache Kachel, die nur mit Mikronstift und Bleistift-Schattierung auskommt. Es kann sein, dass ich diesen klassischen Ansatz noch verändere, die Schattierungen radiere und dann mit Farbstiften ausmale. Die verwendeten Muster sind Eddiper und Beadlines.

For the last tile I did some recycling and cut up a cardboard sleeve from Amazon. I just had to try it – it looks almost like a Renaissance tile. I played with lots of new pens and pencils, which I bought at the opening of a big Munich shop for artists last weekend. So on this tile I used: sepia micron pens, white gel pen, sepia pencil, chalk pencil and sanguine pencil. The tangles I used are Florz, Mooka, Tripoli, Flux, Zinger, and Fescu. The first time I tried to make a background to a foreground tangle. Not really easy to do with Mooka, I think.

Mooka Florz

Für die letzte Kachel habe ich einen Karton-Umschlag von Amazon zerschnitten und somit recycelt. Ich musste das einfach ausprobieren – es sieht fast wie eine Renaissance-Kachel aus. Ich habe mit etlichen neuen Stiften gespielt, die ich letztes Wochenende bei der Eröffnung eines großen Künstlerbedarfsgeschäfts in München gekauft habe. Auf dieser Kachel habe ich Sepia-Micron-Stift verwendet, weißen Gelstift, Sepia- und Rötelkreide als Stift. Die verwendeten Muster heißen Florz, Mooka, Tripoli, Flux, Zinger und Fescu. Ich habe zum ersten Mal versucht, ein Hintergrundmuster hinter ein größeres Motiv zu legen. Mooka macht es einem nicht ganz einfach, wie ich finde.

Apr 302016

(Deutscher Text jeweils unter dem Bild)

This week, The Diva challenged us to use stripes. I’d always thought about working with „border“ patterns only. I used Paradox, Tropicana, Cat-Kin, Dragonair, Brayd, Man-o-Man, Tripoli, Puchong, Rain, Mooka, Kelp, and had a blast doing this. I didn’t regret to use bigger paper (6″ x 8″).

Diva Challenge 265

Diese Woche war das Thema bei der Diva „stripes/Streifen.“ Ich wollte immer schon mal eine Seite nur mit Randmustern zeichnen. I habe folgende Tangles benutzt: Paradox, Tropicana, Cat-Kin, Dragonair, Brayd, Man-o-Man, Tripoli, Puchong, Rain, Mooka, Kelp – das ganze hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Ich habe es nicht bereut, ein etwas größeres Format zu wählen (A6).

And for Joey, there was Roman Numeral X, and 5 patterns to use although there are only 4 spaces in the string she gave us. The patterns are Diva Dance, Showgirl, Snookums, Ticking, and Wedge. Three more tangles made it to my tile – Tipple, Zinger, and Flux. I used the classical dots-and-frame around the string. Love it more than the Diva piece.

Joeys Challenge 110

Bei Joey war es die Römisch Ziffer X (10). Wir hatten 4 Plätze für 5 Muster – Diva Dance, Showgirl, Snookums, Ticking, and Wedge. Ich habe noch drei mehr auf der Kachel untergebracht – Tipple, Zinger, and Flux. Mir gefällt es besser als die Diva-Karte.

Apr 192016

Today I made several tiles, three of them belong to challenges, and the other two are only loosely connected. They both explore parts more deeply that I’d tried in the challenge tiles.

Diva Challenge 264

The Diva challenged us to do a spring string, and I loved the loopy spring she made. I made something similar, and my first idea was filling the loops with circular patterns – something I have wanted to do for some time, but didn’t do yet.

Diva Challenge 264

I started out with Phicops,filling up the rest of the loop with some Zingers and Fescu. Next was Cirquital, the gaps of which I filled with Betweed, but blackened afterwards – too busy. I added some fescu to the leftover space of the loop, and later added Crescent Moon. Third loop is Pepper, which I really loved to draw. I didn’t know what to do with the rest of the loop, so I just let it be. Sooflowers were added to the last loop, and they filled it up nicely. Next I put Flux in, and then started with Tootle, which I had seen on someone else’s Diva Tile. This pattern was not easy for me to do. I did the strokes right between the first two triangles, but then I changed their direction realative to the Triangles. It took a while for me to notice, but I just started to do it the right way. Also I didn’t succeed in closing some of the Hexagons that are the background, but I don’t consider this „wrong“ – still looks good to me. A bouquet of Zingers finished the tile off.

Joey’s Challenge 109

Joey’s Challenge was to use the Roman numeral IX as a string, and she gave us seven different patterns to fill the seven spaces made by the string. Mooka was one of them, and I planned a monotangle at first, but Betweed also made its way there, as well as a few Zingers. It was fun to practice Mooka – it is a pattern I love, but it is easy to make mistakes. I embraced the mistakes by blackening them into some Fescu-like forms. Actually these add quite some contrast/interest to the other areas.

Joeys 109

But I wasn’t done yet!

I made another tile with all 7 patterns: Demi, Gingham, Betweed, Ragz (which is actually different from Betweed, although they look alike a lot), Mei, Mooka and Zinger. Mei, Demi, and Gingham were new to me, I’ve done the other ones several times each, as they are either good fillers (Betweed and Ragz), or patterns that I love to play with (Mooka and Zinger). I changed the string a bit to suit my plans. I know this looks like the string is upside down, but that is the direction I like best, and which I then fixed by adding the Zinger at the side.


I still wasn’t finished, because I wanted to explore two features from the tiles which weren’t what I had been planning.

Two More Tiles

The first one was Cirquital with Betweed as a filler pattern. It didn’t look good in the Diva Tile, that’s why I just blackened the background in that tile. There just wasn’t enough contrast between the stripes and the filling. I decided to make the Cirquital the focus of a new tile, and blacken the strips to make a better contrast to the rather light Betweed. To finish the tile I added some Zingers (what else?), plus corner triangles, which again I filled with Betweed.


The second thing I wanted to explore I had tried out in the second Joey tile, but wasn’t quite convinced with how it had turned out. I had tried to fill the triangular space with Zingers in the way of Rick’s Paradox. It didn’t work out the way I liked, as the room was a bit small, and I kept deviating from the plan. So a bigger version was what I needed, and it took me three trys to get it to work without me making mistakes (I know there are no mistakes, but I wanted the pattern to behave… I can be quite stubborn). So this is the tile:


Apr 112016

Joey gave us a string shaped like the Roman Numeral 8 (VIII), and four different tangles to use. I used 5 more to fill the spaces leftover. I used (from left to right, and from top to bottom): Crescent Moon, Nzeppel, Dangle, Zinger, Fescu (these last three invade most of my tiles, and I love them dearly), Tulipe, Fandango, Tropicana, Marnie. This was really fun, and without some color the Marnie would have looked really funny – I rotated the pattern for each new square. But adding color to the two triangles in each box that are alike (shading would have been another, more classical option) this came to look like a pattern.


This was more fun than I thought it might be, and I don’t regret bringing in color.

Apr 112016

Challenges are fun! This week’s Diva-Challenge was to use a spherical grid. When I finished drawing the grid with pencil I knew there had to be Inapod in the center. Then I added Cadent and Wiking, and then decided with all the funny things going on in such a grid it is easier to do simple grid patterns, and so went for Emingle and Bales, both original Tangles by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. I’m so looking forward to everything everyone else is doing with this.

Diva Challenge 263

I’m not sure I’m done with this challenge yet. We’ll see.

Apr 062016

Seems like I’m not done yet with Fasset. Even if it isn’t the main tangle in this tile, I enjoyed including it immensely. This was one of my more unplanned tiles, and I enjoyed how it started with all these small pyramid triangles (there’s a pattern floating on pinterest named pyramids that’s no longer available, and looks like what I did, but I consider these a very simple variation of Tripoli). Then I added the Gourdgeous pattern (first time), then Goldilocks (first time), then Fasset, and while tangling a few Zingers and Fescu also made their way in there. Then I added Efilys, which also was a first time use, and I ended with the black Tripoli, so I came back to the start. So here’s the Foto:


Another tile was finished today, and I really love it. It is a follow-up to my first Diva-Tile of the week. I used several borders for filling the string Fassett, and they ended up very tiny, compressed and partly reduced. Now I wanted to do them more justice and give them a central place in a tile.

Fescu and Zinger seem to weasel their way into most of my tiles lately, as do the danglers. I love to use these little bits to liven up things, to make them more playful. I used African Artist as a border, together with Antique and Ballace borders. Then I filled up with Rick’s Paradox, a Tangle I really enjoy. It is sooo versatile, easy to draw and to shade, and looks so intricate that even my husband commented on it (it seems it is the tangle that most males admire – also some boys at school chose this for their first tangle).


African artist was not easy for me, and I had to practice it quite some. It is ok now, but I need some more practice to get really fluent with this. Usually I love wavy or curly patterns (as you can see from the first tile), but this one didn’t come to me as effortless as most curly patterns do. I still enjoyed doing it (wavy as it is).

I really enjoy shading now, which at first I was hesitant to try. I had to add some color here, as I bought two colored Pitt artist pens together with the black one (all of them have the brush tip). The latter one is great help filling in larger areas of black.

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