Apr 192016

Today I made several tiles, three of them belong to challenges, and the other two are only loosely connected. They both explore parts more deeply that I’d tried in the challenge tiles.

Diva Challenge 264

The Diva challenged us to do a spring string, and I loved the loopy spring she made. I made something similar, and my first idea was filling the loops with circular patterns – something I have wanted to do for some time, but didn’t do yet.

Diva Challenge 264

I started out with Phicops,filling up the rest of the loop with some Zingers and Fescu. Next was Cirquital, the gaps of which I filled with Betweed, but blackened afterwards – too busy. I added some fescu to the leftover space of the loop, and later added Crescent Moon. Third loop is Pepper, which I really loved to draw. I didn’t know what to do with the rest of the loop, so I just let it be. Sooflowers were added to the last loop, and they filled it up nicely. Next I put Flux in, and then started with Tootle, which I had seen on someone else’s Diva Tile. This pattern was not easy for me to do. I did the strokes right between the first two triangles, but then I changed their direction realative to the Triangles. It took a while for me to notice, but I just started to do it the right way. Also I didn’t succeed in closing some of the Hexagons that are the background, but I don’t consider this „wrong“ – still looks good to me. A bouquet of Zingers finished the tile off.

Joey’s Challenge 109

Joey’s Challenge was to use the Roman numeral IX as a string, and she gave us seven different patterns to fill the seven spaces made by the string. Mooka was one of them, and I planned a monotangle at first, but Betweed also made its way there, as well as a few Zingers. It was fun to practice Mooka – it is a pattern I love, but it is easy to make mistakes. I embraced the mistakes by blackening them into some Fescu-like forms. Actually these add quite some contrast/interest to the other areas.

Joeys 109

But I wasn’t done yet!

I made another tile with all 7 patterns: Demi, Gingham, Betweed, Ragz (which is actually different from Betweed, although they look alike a lot), Mei, Mooka and Zinger. Mei, Demi, and Gingham were new to me, I’ve done the other ones several times each, as they are either good fillers (Betweed and Ragz), or patterns that I love to play with (Mooka and Zinger). I changed the string a bit to suit my plans. I know this looks like the string is upside down, but that is the direction I like best, and which I then fixed by adding the Zinger at the side.


I still wasn’t finished, because I wanted to explore two features from the tiles which weren’t what I had been planning.

Two More Tiles

The first one was Cirquital with Betweed as a filler pattern. It didn’t look good in the Diva Tile, that’s why I just blackened the background in that tile. There just wasn’t enough contrast between the stripes and the filling. I decided to make the Cirquital the focus of a new tile, and blacken the strips to make a better contrast to the rather light Betweed. To finish the tile I added some Zingers (what else?), plus corner triangles, which again I filled with Betweed.


The second thing I wanted to explore I had tried out in the second Joey tile, but wasn’t quite convinced with how it had turned out. I had tried to fill the triangular space with Zingers in the way of Rick’s Paradox. It didn’t work out the way I liked, as the room was a bit small, and I kept deviating from the plan. So a bigger version was what I needed, and it took me three trys to get it to work without me making mistakes (I know there are no mistakes, but I wanted the pattern to behave… I can be quite stubborn). So this is the tile:


  7 Responses to “Challenges”

  1. Very cool take on zingers and paradox, well played!! All your tiles are really great.


  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun making these great tiles. I particularly like the Mooka fit into triangles. Different and very interesting to look at. (fun to find the answer to sieben + zwei = LOL!)

  3. Super productive! Wonderful work.

  4. You were very busy! I do like your way of presenting the Diva tile.

  5. I like the way you talked us through the whole process here. It is fascinating to see how other people work.

  6. Schöne Kacheln zeigst du hier! Deine Diva-Challenge Kachel ist wunderbar mit dem Tootle- Hintergrund! Auch gefällt deine Paradox-Zinger-Kombination sehr gut … eine schöne Idee!

  7. Lovely tiles, but your Diva one is very, very good.

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