Aug 232016

This is my take on The Diva’s challenge no. 281. She asked us to use Ing in a tangle. Yesterday I had an idea. It was not the usual relaxed tangling, but I wanted to make a loop with Ing, and that needed some planning. I did two tiles that didn’t look like I wanted to, and then I tangled the end version into a notebook. The notebook has good paper, especially for shading with graphite. I wanted to do another study and then do a final version on a tile. But this one worked very well, so this is the finished version. I added a band of Meer, and doing all the lines of it was the most relaxing part. The shading of Ing was also relaxing, I just went triangle by triangle, and really took my time.


Here is the linework to show the difference some graphite makes:

Diva 281

The dot on the top of the page helped me to keep the direction of light consistent. I drew lots of help lines and some dots to draw this, but I erased most of them. I needed them to get Ing curl the way I wanted and to get the over/under structure to work correctly. The construction part was more work than fun, but all the rest was lots of fun!

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  2. A very nice tile and a beautiful loop (with ING is not so easy), I like this composition and the way you addes shadows.

  3. Your loop of ING worked beautifully, the shading adds perfection!

    • Thank you, I’m working on my shading, and it sure is fun. The more you do it the better it gets.

  4. Great job with ING and Meer. The shading is spectacular.

    • Thank you! I wouldn’t be where I am without Eni Oken’s book Shading Fearlessly. This book helps you really understand what you are doing. She has more books, but I haven’t yet bought another.

  5. Wow your shading is gorgeous! I love your composition too, you’ve done a great job!

    • Thank you *bowing*. As I said, I owe a lot to Eni Oken, and her wonderful shading book.

  6. Great loop of ING! Very elegant tile!

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