Aug 292016

So this is last week’s Joey’s 127. I tangled it last week, just didn’t upload the photo. Joey gave us a tangle, and tangled it on a tile for us, and we were to copy that and then finish the tile whatever way we wanted. Sooo much fun! The tangles are Sparkle (the one Joey gave us), Ing, Goldilocks, Taxi, and Sandur (my own tangle, have yet to do the stepouts).

Joey 127

And this week we have the Diva asking us to make splotches on our paper, and then tangle over them. I used herbal tea to make mine, but the color was so faint, I added some inktense ink with a brush to the blotches of watery tea. I used a mug for the circle, and dabbed on some more tea with my finger. Then I sprinkled some color with the brush, and let everything dry. This is the „string“:

Diva 282

I used Akoya, Betweed and Onomato, tipple, some bands, and a few fishies for this. I used my Inktense pencils and a brush to add more color. So much fun! Here comes Diva 282:

Diva 282 tangled

  16 Responses to “Diva 282 and Joey’s 127”

  1. Lovely!

  2. I love your organic tile!!

  3. Tank you :)

  4. Using the mug made a great string and I love your akoya without circles in the leaf bit. I think I prefer it like that.

    • Thank you. I love both versions of Akoya, they are different, but both are effective. One of my favourite orb patterns.

  5. Two beautiful tiles, I like the contrasts you have made in the black and white tile and in the second, it is very clever to use a mug. It has become a lovely organic tile.

  6. Pretty colors! Love it!

  7. Great job on your Diva tile. Very organic and colorful! 😀

  8. What a wonderful, watery world!

  9. Beautiful“spill it“ challenge tile! Love the vibrant colors and the way you incorporated the ocean design. The Joey tile has such a nice flow and composition, lovely tangles too!

  10. Your Joey’s challenge is beautiful, love the shading and detail. The spill piece is so sweet, I feel like I’m in a mermaid kingdom, beautiful.

  11. Like your Diva tile.

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